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Frequently Asked Questions for Exhibitors


Can I have some details about a particular event.. costs/dates etc

Definitely, please check the booking page and click on the event you’re interested in, for details

How many events can I book?

As many as you like, subject to available spaces.

My category is sold out, can I still get in?

Please join the waiting list on the event booking form and we’ll let you know if spaces become available

Can I reserve a space or pay a deposit to secure a space?

No, full payment is made at the time of booking, on the automated system

Can I request an electric socket to go with my space?

Yes, all our venues have electric sockets. Usually, there will be enough for everyone, but we cannot guarantee it. Priority will be given to exhibitors who need electric for the actual functioning of their space (i.e. an aura imaging machine) over people who want the electric for aesthetic reasons/convenience ( e.g. a lamp or to plug in a mobile phone)

I've booked an event. How do I get to the venue?

Details of all venues and directions can be found here - and here - click on the event you want and then look for the map on the event page

I’ve booked an event. What are the set-up details for the day?

  • Set up starts at 9.30 am, unless otherwise specified

  • You can drop off your equipment at the venue at all venues

  • Parking at venue, unless otherwise specified below

  • The show ends at 5pm, so please don't pack up before then. We usually have an hour to pack away at the end of a show

Is there parking at my venue?

Yes, at all venues, except the following

  • Banbury - public car park 1 min walk from the venue (several spaces at venue for people with mobility issues)

  • Witney drop off at venue and parking on road 1 min walk from venue (several spaces at venue for people with mobility issues)

  • Thame - paid public car park onsite, free parking across road - 1 min walk from venue

  • Gloucester - public car park opposite venue and another one 2 min walk from venue

  • Towcester/Evesham - drop off at venue and park in public car park across the road

  • Leighton Buzzard British Legion - public car park directly behind venue 1 minute walk to venue

Do I have to bring my own table and chairs?

Chairs are provided at all shows. Tables provided at all shows except Witney (all exhibitors bring your own) and Banbury (retailers bring your own) . At all shows, therapists with a therapy table can bring your own display table – maximum size 2ft by 2ft

Can I choose where I sit in the exhibition?

There will be a floor plan at each show/fair, we'll let you know where your space is, when you arrive at the venue

I’m an exhibitor, can I do a talk/workshop/demo at a show?

Yes, absolutely. There’s a space on the booking form to let us know what you’d like to speak about.

Can I do a talk/workshop at an event if I’m not exhibitor?

Occasionally, at our discretion, we may allow this. There may, or may not, be a small charge for this. Please contact us at

I’ve changed my mind about attending can I get a refund or swap to another show?

We only refund exhibitor fees if we cancel an event or change the date and the exhibitor is unable to make the new date.  We don’t facilitate swaps. You can resell your own space to an exhibitor in the same category. Please check with us, first, before you do the transaction. Therapists and readers you sell to, must have indemnity insurance (not public liability) and it is your responsibility to check this, prior to the transaction.

Can I share a space with my friend?

Only if you are involved in the same business, within the same category on the booking form. E.g. – two Tropic Ambassadors, an artist and their assistant. Otherwise, no.

Reader and healer spaces are for one reader/healer/therapist only – the person named on the form.

Groups of healers/therapists may attend, at our discretion, but in such cases, all must have indemnity insurance, be named on the booking form, and the group can only work on one client at a time.

I’ve booked in one category (e.g. therapist) can I also sell products, do readings on my stand?

Therapists and readers may not sell products on their stands. Retailers and info providers may not do therapies/consultations or readings. Only designated crystal sellers may sell individual crystals or packs of crystals. This does not apply to crystal jewellery, crystal-infused candles. If unsure, message us at

Can I do free healings/consultations/therapies/readings, or donation-based consultations?

No. Our therapists and readers charge £1 per minute, minimum. You can charge more if you like and the consultation length is up to you. Please display your charges on your table

Can I do therapies/consultations/readings/selling/promotions designed to encourage or persuade members of the public to join organisations/groups/religions, or follow gurus/spiritual teachers etc.

We don’t allow this at our events. Please don't approach us or use various guises/arguments to try to get around this, as we won't change our minds and it just wastes everyone's time.

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