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Terms and Conditions

When booking an exhibitor space at a Deer Spirit Mind Body Spirit Show or Thirdeye Psychic & Wellbeing Fair you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions.  You also confirm that you hold the correct insurance for the service you are providing. 

Setting up / Dismantling

Set up times and set down times will be on the booking form. Please ensure that all boxes and bags are stored away from gangways to comply with Health & Safety regulations.  

Stand Content & Activities

Bookings are accepted on the basis of the description of products and services entered on the booking form.  Exhibitor spaces are sold in various categories to ensure even provision of services at the show. We limit the number of stands in certain categories and bookings of these are accepted on a first come-first served basis until the category is full. When booking you should pick the category that best describes your main product and/or service type.

Soliciting other services outside of your main product and/or service type is not allowed at the event. So for example,  if you book a retail stand, you would be unable to give therapies or card readings at the event, and vice versa. Unless you book two spaces - one for retail and one for reading or therapies, subject to availability.   

Please note that if items or services outside your category are found  to be sold or offered on your stand, during the show you will be asked to remove them.  This is to provide a well-balanced show and fairness to all exhibitors.


No candles or flames are permitted in any of our events.


All exhibitors are requested to act with consideration towards fellow exhibitors, visitors to the event and staff.  Music or incense burning should not be intrusive to others.


Refunds are not given unless the event is cancelled, as payments for the venue, advertising and insurance have to be made in advance. Booking fees cannot be transferred to another event in the case of no-show or changes of circumstance.

Table size and location

The precise location of your table cannot be guaranteed.  These are allocated at our discretion. A standard table size is approximately five or six feet long.


Plug points are normally available but cannot be guaranteed. You are required to supply your own extension leads and adapters.  All cables must be secured and taped down to prevent accidents and the organisers cannot accept responsibility for liability incurred from exhibitors' trailing cables. All cables and electrical equipment must be in good condition and PAT tested.

Insurance & Security

Exhibitors are responsible for the safety of their stands, provision of their own Public Liability and Indemnity insurance, as well as cover for their own stock, staff and equipment.  You should have the appropriate professional indemnity insurance and appropriate disclaimer.  Exhibitors are required to act in accordance with the law and to insure themselves against any claims that may arise in connection with any product or service that they offer. 


Anyone providing a service to the public at a show or fair, e.g. a reader, medium, therapist, or running a workshop, please ensure that you:

  1. hold third-party indemnity insurance for your  service and be prepared to submit your policy schedule

  2. possess third-party liability insurance, where necessary

It is the responsibility exhibitor & speaker to be aware of any current change in legislation that affects their activities & to comply with such legislation.​


Deer Spirit Events and Third Eye Psychic and Wellbeing Fairs will not be held liable under any circumstances should a claim be made against an exhibitor regarding goods or services provided by that exhibitor to or by the general public, the venue or another exhibitor.  


Fire Exits

Please familiarise yourself with fire exits in the venue as soon as you set up your table.

Data Protection Regulations


As an exhibitor, you give express consent for Deer Spirit Events, Julie Fenn or Cris Andrews to contact you with information about future shows and existing arrangements about those shows you have booked.  This includes information about changes to all our existing products and services.  You also consent to Deer Spirit Events and its representatives advertising your professional services on social media and in printed format


Our privacy promise to you


We keep your data safe and secure.  We will not sell your data and will delete your data, on request by you.  You may review your marketing choice at any time.

Our Mind Body Spirit Events are for entertainment purposes only. 
We hold Public Liability Insurance for all events.  
We require our Exhibitors to display relevant disclaimers and hold
indemnity insurance for the services they provide to the general public.