For Events in Tier 2, all Exhibitors must:

  • Conform to 2m social distancing regulations when interacting with other exhibitors and customers

  • Wear face coverings – masks or visors – in accordance with Government guidelines, whilst indoors, unless exempt

  • Bring hand sanitiser or anti-viral wipes for your table

  • Clean customer contact surfaces (chairs/couches) after each customer interaction

  • Enforce social distancing regulations around your table

  • Help us to enforce social distancing regulations in the room as a whole

  • Encourage contactless payments by card

  • Wash your hands regularly

  • Please adhere to the one-way, keep left, system in the venue

  • Please do not enter the premises if you have any symptoms of Covid 19.


In addition:

  • Readers and therapists please display an appointment list, next to your table along with clear signage advising customers how to book with you (we’re not allowed to have people hanging around near tables waiting to catch your eye)

  • Please don’t bring assistants, partners or family members to the fayre unless absolutely essential as this will reduce, further, the number of people we can allow into the venue. 



Deer Spirit Events expect their Exhibitors to:

  1. undertake their work ethically and honestly

  2. present their services clearly, making their clients aware of possible adverse effects of what they may be selling

  3. provide relevant disclaimers so the public know what to expect, and be qualified in their relevant discipline, as required by UK Law

  4. not mislead the public into believing they can cure them - there are official holistic guidelines outlining this legal requirement

  5. hold third-party indemnity insurance for their relevant discipline (therapist or reader) and be prepared to submit their policy schedule, if requested

  6. possess third-party liability insurance, where necessary