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Spreading the Word...

We conduct an extensive marketing campaign for each of our shows to connect with the public. These include mail-shots, social media, online and printed adverts, leaflet drops in and around the venue, newspaper, local radio and what's on guides.

We also work with local clubs, groups and businesses to spread the word. Where possible, we put a banner outside the venue. Some venues also have paid marketing services which we make use of.

However, we also rely you, our exhibitors and speakers, to spread the word around your own networks.  Online and outside, at home, work and in the community.  To get the word out to your friends, family, colleagues, and like-minded people you know, that the show is on, and you will be there!

Remember, the more people we can reach the more we can help!

Social Media...

  • Please share our Facebook event around your own networks and newsletters/lists. 

  • Please send Facebook 'INVITES’ to everyone on your friends list, who you think might be interested in coming to the event. Often, Facebook limits the number of people we can invite, ourselves and although we have over 4,500 people on our list, we don't know everyone. 

  • You can also share our event posters on Linked In and Twitter.  Can you post them on your Instagram and other social media platforms? (Posters can be downloaded from the Facebook event).

  • You can also promote yourself and your services in the show's 'Facebook EVENT'  - a great way of engaging with potential customers, before the show.   Don't forget to make your event public and not private! 

  • Here, you can add links to your own Facebook page, website, add photos of your goods, books, yourself in action, or just talk to people about what you’ll be doing or talking about, at the show and what is special and unique about what you do.
    Some people have found it helpful to also create their own Facebook event for a show they're attending

  • In your own event you can let people know about any special deals you might be doing at the show. And take advance bookings or orders. Don't forget to invite everyone you know who might be interested!

Out in the Real World...

Not everyone spends all their time online so if you live in the same town as the show you are attending, or nearby, it would be really helpful if you could hand out a few leaflets on your travels.  Shops and community centres have noticeboards and so do sports and fitness clubs, and workplaces.

Please hand out flyers to people you know.  Do note, however, that we're not allowed to hand out flyers in public places, to strangers or to stick them on walls, lamp posts etc.

We can send flyers through the post or, if you are attending multiple shows,  give some to you at one show, for the next.

If you know of somewhere you might put up  poster or even a banner, please let us know.

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