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Julie Fenn is a Reiki Master Teacher who has been practising Reiki spiritual healing since 1999.  She is also a spiritual teacher and events organiser.  Julie has studied spirituality for 20 years and has been published in Kindred Spirit and other spiritual magazines. 


Reiki courses are informal and fun but maintain the reverence for the awesome energy known as "Rei-Ki" - universal life-giving energy.

No belief system or dogma is attached to Reiki.  It is practised globally and goes beyond religious, cultural or political boundaries. ​

Learning Reiki

Reiki I   -  Beginners Course

1 day - £195

Reiki II  -  Intermediate Course

 1 day - £195

Reiki III/Master-Teacher - 2 days + a further 2 days - £450

Training in Buckinghamshire, nr. Aylesbury or Online.

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