Welcome to Deerspirit!

My name is Julie Fenn and my company, Deerspirit, specialises in the following areas:

  • Organising Mind Body Spirit Shows and Psychic/Wellbeing Fairs

  • Online Healing Consultations

  • Reiki Workshops

  • An online Spiritual Gift Shop

If there's anything you need clarification on, please contact me here

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The Deer Spirit power animal has been revered in many traditions as a symbol of life regeneration and the magical ability to renew itself through gentleness, astuteness and agility.  This symbolises our ability as human beings to use these skills to re-create ourselves whenever we wish to, however bad our lives or experiences have been.









Our connection to Spirit is more important now than ever before.  Spirit is not religion.  With some concentration and focus, we have access to intelligent universal energy; the same energy that we are made of.  Our connection to the universal, cosmic, energy and all that exists is our birth right and we communicate with It through our higher selves and the DNA in our cells all the time.  DNA is a transmitter and receiver of information.  The Universe is the ultimate intelligence and information source; it contains the experience of everything that has ever existed and everything that has occurred and ever will occur.  And we, as spiritual beings having a human experience, are infinite and eternal.


All this is very different to actual life here on Earth, where we have one body in a realm of lack and limitation, and, of course, much misinformation about who we really are.  We are pure consciousness and even though we think this is a material world, it is really a world of light and illusion.  


We have just launched a new service:  Online Deerspirit Healing; and 1 to 1 consultation online video service with Julie Fenn, the owner of Deerspirit, who is a spiritual teacher and healer.  She welcomes those wishing to explore their consciousness in order to make their lives happier.  Please read the services she provides at the Deerspirit Healing tab. 


If you wish to exhibit at our events, please see the Exhibitor Area above, read the requirements and join our Exhibitor Group on Facebook (tab above).

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People should have easy access to specialists in the vast field of Mind Body and Spirit.  That's why we organise MBS Shows and Psychic Fayres.  Our exhibitors, speakers and teachers  specialise in spirituality, self-help, well-being, healing, mindfulness, philosophy, science, holistic and alternative therapies, paganism, shamanism, psychic readings, medium-ship, clairvoyance, astrology, numerology, healthy living and eating, movement, dance, yoga, massage, the paranormal, beauty, crystals, art, crafts and  spiritual gifts.  


At our shows and fayres you will find a wide range of authentic, good-hearted, hard-working exhibitors who love to showcase their goods and services to the public, inspirational speakers, teachers and authors, and at the larger shows, free talks, workshops and demonstrations 

We want to help you bring peace, harmony, balance and happiness into your life and for you to feel fulfilled and in touch with your authentic self.  At our shows we aim to provide:

 Guidance to help you on your journey

 Understanding, support and a kind word

 Advice with any issues or problems 

 Wisdom to help you become more self-aware and unlock your own

potential, overcome barriers to happiness, release negativity and

create the life that you want

 Practices, training and ideas that will help you to help yourself and others

 Insights into the world around you and the nature of reality


 Positive energy, like-minded people and a great vibe!

"Tuning into our own, innate, spiritual wisdom and listening to the signals  from the body enable us to heal ourselves.  The mind responds to the body, and the body responds to the mind ...just like a programme: 

"Rubbish In  -  Rubbish Out!"

The human body is infinitely intelligent;  a lot of its energy is spent fighting off foreign bodies, bacteria and germs without our even knowing it.   Our  immune systems  are remarkable.   But we are still, essentially, energy bodies with electric hearts, brains and electro-magnetic auras and chakras.  Within those energy bodies are stored memories and wisdom of everything we have ever desired, suffered and experienced in every life we have lived.  When you bring that subconscious memory bank into your conscious awareness, that's mindfulness and that's how you heal. 


The core of you is Love, everything else is a programme. "


Julie Fenn, Reiki Master and Teacher

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