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Online consultations are tailor-made to suit your needs.  A typical online session of Deerspirit Healing might include (but are not by any means exhaustive):

  • talking through what is troubling you and what you would like to change

  • exploring your consciousness: dreams, needs, wants and desires, and issues preventing you from achieving the life you’d like to achieve

  • cleansing your aura and chakras, thereby improve your ability to magnetically attract what you desire

  • addressing space clearing of your workplace, home or personal energy fields

  • sending Reiki Healing into the past or future

  • doing visualisation exercises to help you connect with your inner child, higher self, spirit guides and power animals

  • consulting oracle cards for guidance

  • learning how to directly talk to Source/the Universe

  • recommending a protective talisman and crystals for energetic protection, re-energising and clearing (particularly useful for interference problems such as hauntings, entity or spirit attachments)

  • discussing how well you are using your third eye or pineal gland chakra to develop psychic ability

  • exploring issues that simply will not go away: isolation, loneliness, victim mentality, lack of motivation, relationship conflict, self- sabotage, etc. 

  • breaking free from imprisoning beliefs – false beliefs and negative programmes affecting you

  • identifying frozen emotions induced by past trauma

  • suggesting alternative or allopathic treatments such as osteopathy, homeopathy, psychotherapy, Reiki, sound or colour, for example.

  • addressing dietary issues

  • discussing where to go next for your personal development and spiritual journey

  • discussing how to love and accept life better.

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"The Deer Spirit is my animal totem because her energy is gentle yet able to survive very well in the wild due to her cleverness and wisdom.  You, too, have power animals and I can help you discover them".  Julie

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