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Deerspirit Healing

Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Master, Consciousness Expert, Intuitive,

Founder of Deerspirit Events

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you to consult with Spiritual Teacher, Julie Fenn, online

Deerspirit Healing is holistic, therapeutic, person-centred, consciousness healing created by me in this challenging times of fear and lockdown.  Despite what is happening in the world with the Coronavirus, the Age of Aquarius, a new cosmic cycle of spiritual development, will force us into focusing more of our attention on self-healing, unity and spirituality.

Healing Services

We are absorbing more light and information than ever before from the Cosmos.  The light of truth and love is cleansing and clearing our individual and collective consciousness at the deepest of levels.

This process is challenging and can be so uncomfortable, that it can lead to depression, anxiety and other negative disorders which is why I created this healing modality.  My role is to help you navigate these testing times and support you through any difficulties you might be experiencing.

Consultations are online, one on one sessions, tailor-made to your specific needs, whether you are new to spirituality or have been on your journey for some time.   

Together we explore your issues and problems, your desires and wishes, and how to achieve the life you want to achieve.  We all deserve to be happy.  And we do have the tools to find happiness; but sometimes, we need others to help focus us in another direction.  I act as a facilitator, with your conscious participation, offering:

  • tools to help you heal and stop you from fearing

  • advice on areas for self-improvement and personal spiritual growth

  • new ways of changing the way you feel in order to improve your life

  • ideas to realise your mission and targets in life.

  • open and confidential discussion about anything that worries you, from the mental/emotional right through to the spiritual and paranormal.

  • divination in the form of dowsing and oracle card readings

  • astrological tips pertinent to you

  • 20+ years of experience on the spiritual path

At your initial consultation, we can agree on how many talk sessions you need.  It will depends on how deep you wish to go and how fast you are able to change, given this new information.  You may have as many sessions as you feel you need, and these can be amended at any time.   

All online healing sessions are friendly and informal, but at the same time, professional; a safe environment to induce positive health changes.  So, why not book your consultation today?  Give me a ring or message me!

Thinking Man

"I want too much! I overthink! 

Is there something wrong

with me?

Buying Pottery

"No, there's nothing wrong with you.  You are exercising your consciousness as a creator!

Keep on thinking, musing, observing, introspecting.  You can never overthink unless you are hurting yourself through constant  self-criticism.  The power of the heart and the mind together is dynamic; that's the point of being human!"

Outer Space

Age of aquarius the new earth

From December 2020, humanity’s collective consciousness will start to focus on humanitarian pursuits, valuing the uniqueness of every single one of us and bringing down global elite systems which do not benefit the whole of society.


Astrologers tell us that there will be a major shift in power dynamics in this era. Traditional, oppressive and hierarchical structures and beliefs will be challenged.  Humanity is recouping its individual power. This means more freedom and more creativity while looking out for each other.

We are multi-dimensional beings in a vast universe where we co-exist with many other beings.  Our brains are like quantum computers but we now need to start honing down on what we want to achieve:  equality, freedom, fairness and abundance for all.

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