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Deerspirit Healing Disclaimer

Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Master, Consciousness Expert, Intuitive, Founder of Deerspirit Events

All information provided by Julie Fenn and Deer Spirit Healing, on our advertisements and website, is for education and informational purposes only.  Our services are never a substitute for professional medical care by a qualified doctor or other health care professional.  Julie is not qualified to diagnose or treat medical health issues so please always check with your doctor if you have any concerns about your condition or treatment and please disclose the name of your health provider if you have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder.


If you are suicidal, or considering self-harm, please contact the emergency services or The Samaritans Website:, Tel: 116 123 now. If you are in a crisis, or someone you know needs help, please contact your G.P. immediately.


During any consultation or online discussion session, please be aware that talking therapies are not intended to replace allopathic and conventional medical treatment and care. Julie Fenn, though supportive and helpful, provides information and guidance that could bring about positive change; she does not treat, cure or prevent disease.  Any resulting choices and changes made by the client remain the personal and legal responsibility of the client.  Holistic healing is not a substitute for prescribed medication, surgery or any other medical treatment. 


Deerspirit Healing cannot guarantee that the information in healing sessions is complete, correct or up-to-date.  Some of the information suggested to you as a client will be of an intuitional nature and we cannot be held responsible for how you, the client, interprets or uses that information.


We reserve the right to refuse our services to any client at any time, without recrimination or reason.

Signing a Contract
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