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About Julie....

Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Master, Consciousness Expert, Intuitive,

Founder of Deerspirit Events

I have been a Reiki Teacher for over 20 years, and during that time have studied the science of spirituality.  My research proved to me that human beings are pure consciousness; multi-dimensional, spirit beings having a single human experience here on Earth. 















All time is occurring now and we have many simultaneous lives in other places and times right now, and these lives can affect each other.  When we harness and focus our energies, just as traditional shaman do, we can access dream-time, simultaneous lives, inner realms, other dimensions, astral travel and journeying. 





















How does this help us?  Well, the power of visualisation enables us to create a better and more meaningful existence as we shed childhood hurts, mental programs, change our automatic thinking and learn how to property feel again after years of burying emotions.  We can also recoup our zest for living.  And when we heal, it contributes to everything else healing.  

In my search for ‘God’, I learned how universal energy works and moves, how important it is to have an open mind and an expansive imagination and, above all, that our thoughts affect our reality.


Imagining and visualising use parts of the brain that children use and we forget to use these talents as it's not encouraged at school or anywhere in this left-brain dominated society.   














Through study, chakra work and intuition, I have explored subjects like the nature of the soul, spirit guides, power animals, ufo's and intra-dimensional beings, astral travel, thought forms, light-work clearing, inner child work, psychology, disclosure, religion, vibration mechanics, sacred geometry, indigo children, the science of spirituality, ancient history, the electric universe, the holographic universe, mastering the mind, remote viewing, secret societies, the power structures on Earth, financial and political control, crop circles, galactic and inter-dimensional portals, quantum thought, Artificial Intelligence and quantum computers.  All this has led me here, in 2021, to want to help you, the seeker. 


















Here on Earth, our consciousness usually occupies two worlds – the here-and-now Earthly one where we receive information from the cosmos and each other and the internal world, where we find truths from within.  I believe that each of us holds the keys to everything we truly need, but that the external world evokes in us a curiosity to explore that internal world. 


We are creators. We were never meant to be slaves.  We are extraordinary creators.  And the more we put our original and unique stamp on the world, the cleverer the global consciousness becomes. 


They say the best way to learn is to teach.  I believe that, and the best way to gain knowledge is also to share it.  If I help you, I help me.  If you hurt me, you hurt yourself.  We are one in the biggest picture. 

Having written articles for magazines such as Kindred Spirit, I have interviewed many teachers and scientists:  Gregg Braden, Tony Phillips, David Ashworth, Jim Pathfinder Ewing,  David Deutsch and others on subjects like the electric universe, solar flares, the books of PK Dick, the moon’s effect on human consciousness, comets, among others.  Everything I do generally relates to my desire to see the merging of true science with spirituality; how we can explain, scientifically, the phenomena experienced by spiritual people.  



















What used to be mysterious and unexplained is now becoming clear as we really get to grips with quantum science, consciousness and how our thoughts affect everything.   

Through our DNA, which acts as a transmitter and a receiver to all that exists, we connect and monitor each other.  It's an interactive universe.  And with an open mind, we can draw on that incredible knowledge and wisdom from global consciousness itself. 

All a bit different to what we're being fed,

night after night, from the BBC, right?!


Everything is energy and what what we think affects our environment, bodies and lives at a microscopic level.  I learned the Japanese method of hands-on healing in 1998, and I believe it is miraculous.  Reiki has never let me down and the people I have taught Reiki are usually surprised, and, often enthralled, at its power.  Like us, Reiki is love, the universe is love.  

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